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Recommend a blog

We welcome suggestions for new blogs to monitor on this site. Before making a recommendation, make sure to check the list of currently monitored blogs (or those with no linked post yet). To qualify, the blog needs to satisfy the following criteria (see also the Principles section):
  1. It must have a password-free RSS feed.
  2. The RSS feed must include the complete post, not just an excerpt (or the monitoring may miss relevant posts).
  3. The blog must be dedicated to discussion relevant to economics or apply economics to other issues.
  4. There must be no excessive self-promotion by the writer(s).
  5. There must be at least one relevant link to selected RePEc services.
Submissions should be sent to us and should inlude the name and web address of the blog. For blogs that are not in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish, a short explanation of why the blog should be included is appreciated.