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To learn how your blog can qualify to be featured on, please see the Principles section. You may already have qualified; see the current list of blogs (or those with no links yet).

Once your blog is selected for inclusion in, your blog posts will be monitored. Posts that include a link to an abstract page from a RePEc service will be included in the aggregated set of posts. The inclusion is automatic, but is monitored. Abusing this automated process can lead to suspention or deletion; see the complaints page.

In addition, we monitor links to RePEc material in other blogs with the help of Altmetric. Blogs discovered this way are included on a case by case basis.

Linking to a RePEc service abstract page instead of directly to the study not only allows your posts to appear here, it also has other advantages: First, such links are more stable, especially for working papers. Second, if the study is behind a paywall, RePEc may be able to offer alternative versions. Third, a RePEc abstract page provides also link to author profiles and similar works. Fourth, IDEAS can then also link back to the blog post through

Past blog posts have been analyzed as far as possible, usually until about 2009. If you have older posts that could be eligible, you are welcome to send them to us. An XML format used for RSS feeds would be prefered. Also, if you were to correct past blog posts by replacing links to studies by links to RePEc abstract pages, they can be reindexed on a case-by-case basis. This also applies if you believe past posts have not been captured. The best way to do is by sending me an XML file of your posts. Here are some instructions on how to export this file for some popular blog software: Blogger/Blogspot, Typepad, Wordpress.

And if you want to have the widgets on your blog or web page like the ones on the left sidebar, paste the following codes at the appropriate place, likely a text box in you blogging platform (change height and width accordingly). For

<iframe src="//"
scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:1px solid #333333;
overflow:hidden; width:185px; height:485px;"
You can adjust width and height for your needs, 10 entries are on the widget and some may not display depending on the size of the box. To display only posts from English-language blogs, replace widget by widget-en. Other languages can be added on demand. users: unforunately, you cannot use these iframes.

A link to from your blog is appreciated, but not required. Thanks for improving the discussion of economics research in the blogosphere.