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Blog aggregator for economics research

The primary goal of this blog aggregator is to enhance the discussion of economics research in the blogosphere by making it easier for the curious reader to find high-quality content. A secondary goal is to encourage discussion of economic issues based on academic research, instead of political arguments.

Principles scans numerous blogs for posts that discuss Economics research. Relevant posts are selected automatically after verifying the post includes a link to at least one of various RePEc services: EconPapers, IDEAS, and NEP. Links to abstract pages are preferred, but links to journal/series pages and author profiles are also accepted. Only posts with links to abstract pages are displayed for the "latest posts" pages, though.

IDEAS links back to the blog posts from its abstract pages or author profiles (links are in the "citations" section). These links do not count towards citation statistics.

Blogs need to meet certain criteria to be selected. See the suggestion page for details. Readers can also lodge complaints against included blogs that do not seem to fit or that abuse links to RePEc services.

As noted above, we want to encourage bloggers to link to an abstract page on a RePEc service instead of directly to the study. There are several reasons for this: First, such links are more stable, especially for working papers. Second, if the study is behind a paywall, RePEc may be able to offer alternative versions. Third, a RePEc abstract page also provides a link to author profiles and similar works. Fourth, IDEAS can then also link back to the blog post through

We acknowledge the support of Altmetric in helping reach blogs that we could not reach otherwise.